Bringing Precision To Conversations™

Features of TheNaviGuide™

TheNaviGuide™ Maps Buyer Decision Trees To Anticipate and Organize The Most Precise Exchange of Information Between Buyer and Seller

This enables salespeople to be experts at selling multiple products and services into multiple industries and buy points.  This includes structuring the right sequence of:

  • Questions and answer options to pinpoint buyer problems
  • Explanations and demonstrations of your solutions
  • Recommendations and competitor comparisons
  • Pricing variables, terms and conditions and proposal elements
  • Closing and negotiating points
  • Objection handling to sustain control of the conversation

The Benefits:

  • A conversation that is logical, quick, and easy to follow
  • The least amount of questions and answers possible
  • Ability to anticipate and prepare answers for buyer questions
  • Capture questions that buyer don’t know to ask
  • A predictable from exchange of information 

TheNaviGuide™ Visually Presents The Right Questions and Answer Options At The Right Time To…

  • Reduce verbal delivery of questions, answers, statements, and documents
  • Ensure uniform delivery from call-to-call and sales person-to-person
  • Minimize distractions, confusion and talking too much
  • Reduce time required to review, translate and understand the information
  • Make it easier to memorize and remember information

TheNaviGuide™ Equips The Buyer To Prioritize Problems They Want To Focus On Without…

  • Requiring the seller to waste time attempting to prove they have has the expertise, experience, technology, and approach to solving buyer problems
  • The seller making assumptions about the buyers’ situation, problems, wants and needs
  • Confusing or offending the seller
  • Wasting time explaining things that are irrelevant to the buyer

TheNaviGuide™ Provides One-Click Access To Information and Documents During Sales Conversations

This enables salespeople to answer buyer questions and share documents with buyers at the exact moment they’re needed during the exchange of information to:

  • Keep from pausing or prematurely ending conversations
  • Avoid wasting time coordinating and scheduling multiple meetings or calls
  • Minimize disrupting technical experts and sales managers
  • Eliminate searching for and retrieving information
  • Enable salespeople to zoom in and out of as well as switch between conversation sequences

TheNaviGuide™ Uses Plain English and Simple Visuals To…

  • Avoid confusing the buyer with buzz words, jargon or proprietary terminology

  • Quickly provide the buyer with context, educate them, build their confidence

  • Minimize misinterpretations and the need for buyers to ask clarifying questions

  • Keep from embarrassing the buyer if they don’t understand or know what something means

  • Reduce the amount of time the seller spends talking and explaining

TheNaviGuide™ Plain English and Visuals
TheNaviGuide™ Embeds Selling Skills

TheNaviGuide™ Embeds Application of Selling Skills, Best Practices and Lessons Learned

This ensures that consistent application from sales conversation-to-conversation and salesperson-to-salesperson.  It also reduces sales training costs and time spent in sales training.  TheNaviGuide™ accomplishes this by…

  • Mapping them into the conversation decision tree

  • Visualizing them to ensure they are consistently used from sales call-to-call and salesperson-to-person

  • Relying on the platform to ensure use rather than costly training and memorization by salespeople

TheNaviGuide™ Uses One Document To Ensure Consistent Conversations and Eliminate Confusion By…

  • Placing all buyer application decision trees into one presentation document

  • Using hyperlinks to instantly access the various buyer application decision trees

  • Adding new slides and or decision tree pathways into TheNaviGuide™ as they emerge – – rather than creating a new presentation

  • Making this the only presentation available to salespeople

TheNaviGuide™ Uses One Document

TheNaviGuide™ Automatically Distributes Content Updates To Product, Sales, Competitor, Marketing and Other Information

Salespeople will receive immediate content updates.  So, they will always use the most up-to-date information and conversation sequences without stopping to:

  • Search for, open and review the update
  • Translate and figure out where the update fits into the conversation sequence
  • Update or create their own slides or handouts to present the changes to the buyer during the call
  • Distract technical experts with clarifying questions

TheNaviGuide™ Is Built In Power Point To Enable Easy Use Salespeople and Make Daily Updates Easy 

Can be built using any on-line or off-line software That Has Hyperlinking Capability to:

  1. Provide instant access to information, documents, and websites
  2. Be used by phone or face-to-face i.e. in multiple settings
  3. Be used on multiple types of  computers i.e. desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  4. Limit training time for administrators and users

TheNaviGuide™ Can Be Used From Any Device, Any Time, Any Where In The World

Can be accessed any where, any time, on any device.  So, salespeople, sales managers, sales enablement, and channel partners are always ready to engage with buyers.