Bringing Precision To Conversations™

How TheNaviGuide™ Works


TheNaviGuide™ Works By…

  1. Using a decision tree to anticipate, organize, and map the most precise conversation sequence. This includes all questions, answer options, explanations, demonstrations, recommendations, comparisons, proposals, negotiations, objection handling, and closing.
  2. Visually presenting the right questions and answer options at the right time during the exchange of information.
  3. Equipping buyers to prioritize conversation topics based on their situation and problems.
  4. Providing “one-click” access to information needed by the buyer and seller to complete the exchange of information.
  5. Using plain English and simple visuals to minimize misinterpretations and the need to ask clarifying questions.
  6. Embedding application of selling skills and best practices to extract ROI from previous investments in sales training and ensures uniform application from sales conversation-to-conversation and sales person-to-person.
  7. Distributing real-time updates of technical information, selling skills, and best practices.
  8. Eliminating the need for multiple sales presentations, scripts and documents.