Bringing Precision To Conversations™

Why Use TheNaviGuide™ Platform?

What Impact Does TheNaviGuide™ Have?

Before Sales Conversations by:
  1. Shortening training time for new salespeople i.e. from months to days
  2. Reducing distractions from new salespeople asking questions as they learn the offering, applications, and pricing model
  3. Providing more detailed training on the nuances of products and services
  4. Shortening sales call preparation time…so salespeople can make more sales calls
  5. Producing higher quality and more uniform sales presentations without wasted time by salespeople and staff
During Sales Conversations by:
  1. Shortening the time needed to prioritize buyer needs, qualify them, demonstrate solutions and present proposals
  2. Reducing the length and number of sales calls required to reach an agreement
  3. Providing more appropriate and accurate explanations, i.e. giving the right explanation at the right time
  4. Holding more conversations that result in sales
  5. Experiencing less confusion and fewer expressions of unproductive negative emotions during sales calls
After Sales Conversations by:
  1. Shortening the time needed for follow-up activities
  2. Recording sales call history notes and outcomes more accurately
  3. Generating a greater number of creative ideas for sales call process improvement
  4. Improving the sharing of sales call best practices

If your salespeople are doing one or more of the following things during sales conversations then it’s time to assess your approach.  

  • Jumping from topic-to-topic and point-to-point.
  • Over-explaining (talking too much) or under explain things.
  • Forgetting what to say and not to say.
  • Prematurely ending sales conversations to find answers.
  • Over or understating company capabilities.
  • Using jargon, buzzwords, and language that confuses buyers.
  • Becoming confused when buyers change the subject.
  • Paying limited attention to what buyers are saying.
  • Frequently losing their place in conversations with buyers.
  • Using sales presentations that confuse buyers.