Bringing Precision To Conversations™

Turn Inexperienced People Into Top Performers

Structure the exchange of information for instant knowledge transfer and expedited decisions.

Sales and Product Management

Process Management

Strategic Planning

A Conversation Management Platform Used To…

Facilitate Sales Conversations

Salespeople will facilitate buyers through the exchange of information during sales conversations – – without disrupting experts to get answers, forgetting what to say, or stopping to retrieve documents.   

Onboard New Salespeople

New salespeople will learn your sales approach, products, applications, pricing, competitor, and industry knowledge – – without distracting experts, or wasting time reading, memorizing and rehearsing.

Resolve Poor Sales Performance

Under performing salespeople will instantly and accurately apply selling best practices and product knowledge – – without attending remedial training or wasting time re-reading and memorizing information.  

Apply Coaching Feedback

Salespeople will receive feedback on their sales approach and selling skills.  Enable executives and managers from across your company to review sales conversations – – no sales experience is required.  

Apply Content Updates

Salespeople will instantly apply new product, application, and pricing information updates during sales conversations – – without stopping selling to attend training or waste time reading, watching and memorizing.  

Track Sales Conversations

During sales conversations, buyer and seller questions and answers, demonstrations and comparisons, recommendations and proposals will be tracked – – without salespeople manually recording them.

Prepare Pricing & Proposals

Salespeople will calculate pricing, establish terms and conditions, present prepare simple or complex proposals – – without requiring involvement from pricing analysts, sales managers, operations or accounting.    

Capture Market Intel

Salespeople will capture customer, competitor and industry intelligence – – without stopping to take notes, manually enter into a tracking system, and remembering  to send it to managers. 

Cross-Sell Post Merger

Salespeople will begin cross-selling acquired companies products and services the morning after the deal is inked – – without be distracted by training or wasting time reading, watching and memorizing info.  

Stop wasting time memorizing, remembering, preparing and verbally presenting sales, marketing, product, process, and strategy information.

Conversations With TheNaviGuide™


Conversations Without TheNaviGuide™



TheNaviGuide™ aided us in visualizing and constructing an interactive sales call and new sales rep onboarding tool that streamlined our sales process. Chief Sales Leader™ expertise for driving sales in a complex selling environment helped set us on a course for a much improved revenue growth.
Ryan Stillwell

Chief Operating Office, Vantage Production

We used TheNaviGuide™ to help us optimize our sales process at SlideRocket and deliver concrete results during sales calls and with training new sales people.  Chief Sales Leader™ provided us with a rare combination of being able to talk about the high-level strategy as well as the in-the-trenches details.
Mike Lingle

Co-Founder, SlideRocket (now ClearSlide)

Chief Sales Leader™ did a great job of helping one of our business units accomplish a complete overhaul in their structure, accountability and financial metrics for their business. They provided skillful handling of the considerable change management issues that came with the overhaul.
John Bidwell

Chief Innovation Officer, Chubb Insurance