Bringing Precision To Conversations™

TheNaviGuide™ Onboarding Tool

The NaviGuide™ Equips New Salespeople To Start Selling In Days, Not Months

Traditional onboarding approaches delay salespeople from starting to sell and generate opportunities while they:

  • Learn technical knowledge and skills by reading, note taking, memorizing, and rehearsing.
  • Prepare their sales conversation approach and materials.
  • Control the exchange of information with buyers verbally with scattered slides and documents.

TheNaviGuide™ solves this problem by equipping new salespeople with a single tool that:

  • Maps the buyers decision tree to anticipate, organize, and map the most precise conversation sequence. This includes questions, answer options, explanations, demonstrations, recommendations, comparisons, proposals, negotiations, objection handling, and closing.
  • Visually Presents the right questions and answer options at the right time during the exchange of information.
  • Equips Buyers to prioritize conversation topics based on their situation and problems. This increased buyer engagement and increased the relevancy of what was being discussed.
  • Provides “One-Click” Access To Information needed by the buyer and seller to complete the exchange of information.
  • Uses Plain English and Simple Visuals for easy understanding.
  • Embeds use of selling skills and best practices

TheNaviGuide™ Enables New Salespeople To…

Learn Technical Knowledge and Skills In Days Not Years

TheNaviGuide™ transfers knowledge at the right time during sales conversations including:

  • Market Knowledge about industries, customers and competitors.
  • Product/Service Knowledge about products, services, applications and use cases, and pricing models.
  • Company Knowledge about policies, procedures, work management software, administrative tasks, company history and strategic plans.
  • Business Acumen about financials, the economy, world events, and their cause-and-effect.
  • Selling Skills including relationship building, buyer needs investigation, story telling, objection handling, and negotiating and closing deals.
  • Sales Process Knowledge including new customer acquisition, onboarding, contract renewals and upselling, cross-selling and winning back customers.
  • Technology including productivity, phone systems, lead management, CRM and ERP systems.

Prepare Their Sales Approach In Minutes Not Days

TheNaviGuide™ provides the right sequence of information to facilitate sales conversations including:

  • Questions to understand the buyers situation, problems, impact, and need to resolve problems.
  • Explanations to demonstrate products, services, features, functions, and benefits.
  • Formulas and Calculations to create the right pricing and proposals.
  • Negotiating Points, terms, and conditions to close deals.
  • Objection Handling tactics across all steps of the sales conversation.
  • Market Insights i.e. industry, company, department, process, etc.
  • Competitor Insights i.e. offerings, unique differentiation, comparison points.

Facilitate Fewer Sales Conversations To Close Sales

TheNaviGuide™ delivers the right information at the right time so salespeople can immediately begin:  

  • Opening The Sales Conversation in a manner that builds instant credibility with the buyer without wasting time on a capability’s presentation.
  • Conducting Needs Investigation in a manner that enables the seller to listen and the buyer to articulate their situation, prioritize problems, define impact of the problem, and establish financial and non-financial reasons to solve their problem.
  • Demonstrating and Explaining product and service features, benefits and functionality without over talking.
  • Making Competitor Comparisons including features and functions, productivity, risk and cost analyses.
  • Calculating Pricing and Presenting Proposals  to buyers “live-time” during the sales conversation.
  • Handling Objections without losing control of the sales conversation.
  • Closing Sales Conversations in a way that cements the deal while taking the first steps to up-sell and cross-sell.