Bringing Precision To Conversations™

TheNaviGuide™ Framework

A Three In One Conversation Management Platform

Learn Technical Information and Skills In Days Not Years

Prepare Your Conversation Materials In Minutes Not Days

Facilitate Fewer Conversations To Make Decisions

TheNaviGuide™ Equips People To Apply Complex, Technical Information In Seconds.

TheNaviGuide™ approaches learning from the perspective of the exchange of information between the buyer and the seller during sales conversations. The goal is to deliver the right knowledge, information and skills at the right time during sales conversations. It does this by:

  • Mapping The Buyers Decision Tree to anticipate, organize, and display the most precise conversation sequence. This includes questions, answer options, explanations, demonstrations, recommendations, comparisons, proposals, negotiations, objection handling, and closing.
  • Visually Presenting the right questions, answer options, and explanations at the right time during the exchange of information. This increases the accuracy of what’s discussed while minimizing confusion and the need for verbal explanations.
  • Equipping Buyers to prioritize conversation topics based on their situation, problems and needs.
  • Providing “One-Click” Access to information and documents  needed by the buyer and seller to complete the exchange of information. This minimized interruptions and the need to prematurely end a sales conversation to find information.
  • Using “Plain English” and Simple Visuals to minimize misinterpretations and the need to ask clarifying questions.
  • Embedding Application of Selling Skills and Best Practices. This extracted ROI from previous investments in sales training. It also enabled uniform application from sales conversation-to-conversation and sales person-to-person.
  • Automatically Distribute Real-Time Updates of technical information, selling skills, and best practices. to ensure use of the most current information, skills, and practices.
  • Eliminating the need for multiple sales presentations, scripts and documents. This reduced confusion about what documents to use and eliminated the need to create new slides and presentations.

TheNaviGuide™ enables sales conversations to be executed with precision – – effectively, efficiently and predictably – – from sales conversation-to-sales conversation and from salesperson-to-salesperson.

Learn Technical Information In Minutes Without…

Taking Notes

To capture and organize key points for future use.


Documents, email updates, webpages, FAQs, videos, etc.


Facts, statement, figures, and where to find documents.


With technical experts and managers to get answers to questions.


Briefings and training let by technical experts.


Training materials and self-page taining programs.

Prepare Conversation Presentations, Documents and Talk Tracks In Minutes Without…


Through files of past presentations and brochures.


Documents, email updates, webpages, FAQs, videos, etc.


What facts, figures statements, and documents to bring.


What buyer situations, problems, objections will be discussed.


Talk tracks, presentations, use cases and  handouts.


Talk tracks, presentation and objection handling.

Facilitate Fewer Conversations To Make Decisions


Questions to ask and explanations to give to buyers. 


For documents, pricing information and calculators. 


Managers and experts to get answers to buyer questions.


At the right answers and information to provide buyers.


Wrong answers and explanations given to buyers.


To get back in touch with buyers with answers and info.

TheNaviGuide Maps and Visualizes Selling To Prepare For Sales Conversations?

To facilitate the exchange of information with buyers during sales conversation requires salespeople to prepare multiple sequences of:

  • Questions to understand the buyers situation, problems, impact, and need to resolve problems.
  • Explanations to demonstrate products, services, features, functions, and benefits.
  • Formulas and Calculations to create the right pricing and proposals.
  • Negotiating Points, terms, and conditions to close deals.
  • Objection Handling tactics across all steps of the sales conversation.
  • Market Insights i.e. industry, company, department, process, etc.
  • Competitor Insights i.e. offerings, unique differentiation, comparison points.

This forces salespeople to stop selling to search, review, make assumptions, anticipate, and edit talk tracks, presentations, and handouts. The problem becomes exponential as you increase the number of product categories, pricing models, industries, geographies, and buy points served.

How effective, efficient and predictable are your salespeople at preparing their sales conversation approach without stopping their sales efforts?

What Causes Salespeople To Stop Selling During Sales Conversations?

Many salespeople struggle to sustain control of the exchange of information with buyers because of the complexity associated with:

  • Keeping Buyer’s On The Same Page throughout all stages of the sales conversation.
  • Validating Assumptions about what buyers want to discuss, their situations, priorities and needs.
  • Sequencing and Presenting the right questions and answer options at the right time.
  • Answering Questions that buyers know to ask and those they don’t know to ask.
  • Accessing and Sharing demonstrations, comparisons, pricing and discounts, case studies and testimonials, product and service information sheets, etc.
  • Presenting Proposals including preparing solution options, pricing, and discounts, terms, and conditions.
  • Testing Buyers at each stage of the exchange of information for understanding and agreement.
  • Switching Roles between talking, listening; preparing responses; searching for information and documents.
  • Mitigating Differences with buyers including frames of reference, assumptions, terminology, timing, agendas, and personality styles.
  • Remembering to apply selling skills, policies, best practices, legal compliance measures, etc.

This forces salespeople to stop selling to remember, search, disrupt experts, guess at answers, correct errors, and schedule follow-up meetings to continue selling. 

It also creates inconsistent execution from sales conversation-to-conversation and salesperson-to-salesperson.

How effective, efficient and predictable are you at equipping your salespeople with the right information at the right time so they can stay in control and never prematurely end a sales conversation?

TheNaviGuide™ Equips Salespeople To Be Master Facilitators Of Sales Conversations.

Executing sales conversations with precision – – effectively, efficiently and predictably – – requires knowledge, skills and documents for: 

  • Opening The Sales Conversation in a manner that builds instant credibility without wasting time on a capability’s presentation.
  • Conducting Needs Investigation in a manner that enables the seller to listen and the buyer to articulate their situation, prioritize problems, define impact of the problem, and establish financial and non-financial reasons to solve their problem.
  • Demonstrating and Explaining product and service features, benefits and functionality without over talking.
  • Comparing Competitors including features and functions, productivity, risk and cost analyses.
  • Calculating Pricing and Presenting Proposals to buyers “live-time” during the sales conversation.
  • Negotiating discounts, terms and conditions.
  • Handling Objections without losing control of the sales conversation

How effective, efficient and predictable are you at equipping salespeople to facilitate the exchange of information with buyers without prematurely ending the conversation to get answers or find information?