Bringing Precision To Conversations™

TheNaviGuide™ Coaching Tool

How Are You Coaching Salespeople On Their Sales Approach and Execution?

The NaviGuide™ Provides The Foundation To Coach Salespeople On How They:

  • Open The Sales Conversation in a manner that builds instant credibility with the buyer without wasting time on a capability’s presentation.
  • Conduct Needs Investigation in a manner that enables the seller to listen and the buyer to articulate their situation, prioritize problems, define impact of the problem, and establish financial and non-financial reasons to solve their problem.
  • Demonstrate and Explain product and service features, benefits and functionality without over talking.
  • Make Competitor Comparisons including features and functions, productivity, risk and cost analyses.
  • Calculate Pricing and Present Proposals  to buyers “live-time” during the sales conversation.
  • Handle Objections without losing control of the sales conversation.
  • Close Sales Conversations in a way that cements the deal while taking the first steps to up-sell and cross-sell.

TheNaviGuide™ Coaching Tool Enables Both Quantitative and Qualitative Coaching

Salespeople want and need feedback and coaching on “how to”  facilitate the exchange of information with buyers. TheNaviGuide™ enables both quantitative and qualitative coaching to improve salespeople’s ability to:

  • Keep Buyer’s On The Same Page throughout all stages of the sales conversation.
  • Validate Assumptions about what buyers want to discuss, their situations, priorities and needs.
  • Sequence and Present the right questions and answer options at the right time.
  • Answer Questions that buyers know to ask and those they don’t know to ask.
  • Access and Share demonstrations, comparisons, pricing and discounts, case studies and testimonials, product and service information sheets, etc.
  • Present Proposals including preparing solution options, pricing, and discounts, terms, and conditions.
  • Test Buyers at each stage of the exchange of information for understanding and agreement.
  • Switch Roles between talking, listening; preparing responses; searching for information and documents.
  • Mitigate Differences with buyers including frames of reference, assumptions, terminology, timing, agendas, and personality styles.
  • Remember to apply selling skills, policies, best practices, legal compliance measures, etc.